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About Us website is the ownership of InstaForex Corporation, providing the services of online trading to the customers from all over the world since 2007. Today the clients of our company live in more than 50 countries, mostly located in Europe and Asia.

InstaForex companies' profile:

  • Brokerage on stock exchange market
  • Brokerage on Forex market
  • Brokerage on the derivatives market
  • Media services
  • Television

Granting access to trading in the Internet combines the top-notch technologies, such as the possibility to make operations in the online mode, and the fundamentals of broker's work, which is based upon the financial markets' continuity. The official website of InstaForex Companies Group is, there one can find out comprehensive information about the activity of every company.

Day after day, hundreds of traders are opening new trading accounts in the company thus investing their funds in the currency and stock markets. The main and prior course of the broker’s functioning is online trading, which consequently constitutes the most part of the transactions' volume.