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InstaMedia offers non-material assets for your business to prosper

InstaMedia Group is a modern agency rendering the whole range of media and advertising servicing. The main principles of the agency’s activity are work in a team, unique technologies and individual approach to each client.

The agency and its partners are united by the common goal: business development and advancement. In this context the aim of InstaMedia Group is adequate assessment of the situation and creation of a product that would please the customer and work for his/her benefit. InstaMedia Group officials believe that the main prerequisites to an excellent result are a well-considered marketing policy, an appropriate format, topicality and aesthetic qualities.

InstaMedia Group is a team of energetic young specialists committed to both their goals and those of partners. These are the highly motivated people always striving for new achievements. They will do their best to make your ideas come true and present you an extraordinary high quality product.

It is a well known fact that a recognizable brand does bring money. If a company is bright and its image provokes positive emotions, then it gains credibility. This is why creation of a brand image is so important. A partner needs to be easily identified and to have an effective position on the market. InstaMedia Group professionals offer its customers certain graphical solutions and font combinations, colour themes and logotypes. InstaMedia Group has a lot in store for companies just entering the market as well: its specialists will be glad to help create an imposing name and slogan for a new firm, product or project after a careful analysis of all aspects and parameters. With our assistance you will shape your brand style which will underpin the image of your company and reinforce the trust of consumers and partners.

At present Internet information searching is very popular. A great advantage of online advertisement is huge target audience. If your client has found some information with the help of you website, you are sure to be a step ahead of your rivals.

InstaMedia Group has made its greatest progress in the marketing sphere. InstaMedia professionals are always up on the latest news and changes in the world of online technologies and advertisement. They will fit out your own nook in the Internet, whether it is a sketchy corporate website or a large online information portal containing answers to all questions of clients.

In case you need to promote or modernize your website, InstaMedia Group will render you comprehensive technical and informational support. Experienced specialists will do every effort to ensure high attendance of your website and to put it on the first lines of popular search systems. Got new ideas? The agency’s designers and copyrighters will alter the appearance of your website, update its content and add news to it.

Successful InstaMedia projects are the result of quick respond to the market demands and coherent work of the team.

InstaMedia services:

Marketing research

  • Market positions assessment, consumer groups determination
  • Consumer preferences analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Advertisement effectiveness estimation
  • Branding
  • Rebranding

Design and creativity

  • Brand style creation (names, logotypes, slogans, colour themes, graphic art and fonts, business cards and envelopes)
  • Promotional materials and texts
  • Press releases, news, materials about the company


  • Website development
  • Flash animation
  • Advertising banners
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Website promotion (seo promotion, link ranking, any kinds of online advertisement);
  • Website maintenance
  • 3D design

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