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The purpose of InstaForex Companies Group

The purpose of InstaForex Companies Group is to render a wide range of professional services conforming to the highest world standards by constantly improving the quality of services, promoting development of its member companies and establishing new ones.

To achieve the purpose, InstaForex Company takes full advantage of its strengths:

  • a close-knit team of professionals;
  • state-of-the-art financial technologies;
  • financial reliability and best conditions for trading in stock and currency markets;
  • cooperation with top news agencies and software developers;
  • technical support and consultancy services available to customers and partners day-and-night;
  • a wide representative network: more than 250 offices in 80 countries;
  • educational materials, professional training and open seminars held either in offices or online;
  • a focus on economic and cultural peculiarities of regions where the company is presented;
  • consulting and promotional companies;
  • and guaranteed respect for international legislation.

InstaForex Companies Group provides its customers and partners with the best conditions for trading in financial markets. Our company goes forward to enable its customers to fulfill their potential and raise a trading level regardless of their professional experience and a volume of capital.

InstaForex Companies Group maintains a trust-based and winning relationship with its partners facilitating their business development.

InstaForex Companies Group provides its customers and partners with comprehensive information about its activities. Every department of the company has a website with the latest news and detailed data on every area of work.

To ensure the highest quality of services, InstaForex Companies Group constantly improves its business processes. The company’s stability is based on internal control and audit of all business processes.

InstaForex Companies Group unites all modern and successful companies who are reliable partners of many global contractors. For years already our achievements have represented a model to emulate for many Russian and foreign companies. We are committed not to rest on laurels and further improve our services and implement more innovative technologies.

To learn more about each of our companies, visit InstaForex Companies Group websites: