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MT5 multifunctional portal for traders by InstaForex Companies Group

MT5 is a major information website which provides a wide range of services and different information helpful to traders. Here you will find everything you need for efficient trading, from financial news to Forex accounts monitoring.

Forex traders using MetaTrader terminal are main subscribers to the portal. Promotion of this trading terminal is a major purpose of website. We strongly believe that the MetaTrader terminal is the best software product for safe and efficient broker services of high quality.

Another purpose is to provide traders with comprehensive and correspondent information about trading which would enable them to improve trading levels and work out successful investment strategies.

The last but not the least purpose is to create and promote the Forex community online designed for both experienced traders and newcomers, who can discuss current financial issues, perform analyses of trends and find efficient solutions together. has become an essential trading tool for thousands of traders all over the globe.

The “Analytics” section of the website provides comprehensive information about current market situation. It contains professional analytical reviews and forecasts, videos and news reports from reputable information agencies, as well as Forex calendars. Customers can subscribe to our RSS-feed and learn about new events at the very moment they take place.

The “Forex Info” section contains useful information about technical indicators and trading advisers. The section also provides a catalogue of top brokers and reliable websites on financial markets.

The “Market Inside” section proves useful for traders who base their trading strategy on a fundamental analysis.

The website provides all currency quotations updated online. Those traders who have their own financial websites may embed different free Forex informers with news, experts’ opinions and quotations provided that they refer to website.

For convenient monitoring of currency trends, you can construct charts for a certain period of time with candlesticks, bars and lines. The Forex calculator is used to calculate profits or losses of current positions. also enables monitoring of InstaForex customers accounts which give you a chance to estimate results of your deals and compare them with of other traders’ results. To include your account in the monitoring list, enter its parameters in your profile after registration on the website.

Do you still doubt to join or not? The following advantages provided by may obviously convince you to join:

  • news and analytical reviews by experts,
  • Forex market trading statistics,
  • Forex broadcast,
  • monitoring of accounts,
  • catalogue of Forex websites and popular blogs,
  • online shop of trading advisers,
  • RSS-feed,
  • Forex charts, instruments and informers,
  • free email account,
  • useful articles,
  • forums for traders, and many other options.

Please note that international website is not subsidiary to MetaQuotes Software Company, developer of the MetaTrader trading platform, or any of its divisions. Any information provided at is for guidance only and does not represent the official position of the MetaQuotes Software Corporation.

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