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Insta News Service is your reliable companion in goal achievement

In highly volatile finance environment, business activities should be based on relevant and reliable information of different kinds. Information is the essential resource for an efficient decision-making. Relevant and precise information is a major requirement for sound and objective decisions. The more information you receive, the better you understandable the environment. Insta News Service project is designed to provide you with such information.

Insta News Service delivers information, organizational and technical business support services.

Insta News Service Company is one of few companies to provide price and news feeds, analytical reviews and real-time forecasts.

Information about current quotation rates is updated online using well adjusted filter system.

Insta News Service provides you with unique access to top information resources of all world financial platforms. The news feed contains all market events, updates of certain market segments as well as movements of major indicators and indexes which may influence currency quotations.

Analytic reviews and forecasts form a bloc of data carefully examined by experts. The whole array of information is professionally composed and can be trusted in a decision-making.

Insta News Service guarantees individual and flexible approach to every customer and offers a full package of services or selected products, such as Forex news, statistics on a certain market segment and different forecasts. Insta News Company gives you exactly what you are interested in.

IT outsourcing is a separate line of Insta News Service business.

IT outsourcing is contracting out of IT support functions to Insta News Service professionals. Currently, information technologies are used as a tool for rapid response to any changes in environment, which allows receiving appropriate information and substantially reducing tangible and temporary costs. As this tool should be managed and used at its most efficiency, confide it to professionals.

Many companies use IT resources as a platform for building business processes and managing working efficiency. In this regard, IT outsourcing is a complex of services which are designed to improve working efficiency through development of IT infrastructure, technologies and customer’s services. In case your company does not specialize on information technologies, IT outsourcing can provide workable solutions for your business. Insta News Service offers audit and improvement of IT systems.

Another essential line of Insta News Service business is administration of MetaTrader servers: maintenance, DataCenter support, protection from DDoS attacks and load distribution to staging servers.

Furthermore, the company actively develops business consulting. Using modern and efficient methods, Insta News Service specialists will help you to improve your company’s current financial state and make first steps in business. They will take up all cares concerning documents collection and registration, and help you to open accounts in the most reliable and safe world bancs.

Operations advisory services are aimed at development of business processes. Insta News Service professionals tackle different issues including evaluation of financial-economic indicators, elaboration of measures to optimize and improve financial status, financial accounting and budgeting. Operations advisory services include management of all kinds of resources and implementation of a development strategy to make business more controllable, find new growing points, reduce costs, convene goal-oriented activities, improve relations with partners and customers as well as enhance competitiveness.

Business planning and investment analysis services include research, preparation and evaluation of business plans, drafting of investment programs and administration of potential partner projects.

Insta News Service is part of InstaForex Companies Group. InstaForex has been known as a byword for the top quality.

Insta News Service is part of InstaForex Companies Group. InstaForex has been known as a byword for the top quality.

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