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InstaForex Stars

The best of us choose InstaForex! Among the clients of the company there are such successful people as the basketball player Ilona Korstin, grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, a sportsman Oleg Taktarov and a racer Ales Loprais. Like InstaForex Company, these strong-willed and targeted people do not stop after reaching their goals, they are tending to new professional highs and offer all their power to fulfill the set aims.

A basketball multi European champion, a prizewinner of the World Championship and of the Olympic Games Ilona Korstin is one of the most highly awarded basketball players in the world. Being well-educated, attractive and communicative, she is sure, that in order to be triumphant in sports, in life or on Forex, it is necessary to have a determined character and a combative spirit. These traits of character help the basketball star to improve the technique of playing as well as of trading. Her victories and titles prove her being the best.

The world chess blitz champion, multiple winner of the Grand Slam and the youngest grandmaster in the history of chess Magnus Carlsen loves to win and know how to win. According to him, the maximal result can be reached only if one enjoys what he or she is doing. In his chess strategy, as well as in his trading strategy, the chess-player from Norway uses different styles: he attacks, defends, or even ends the play, depending on the circumstances.

The ultimate fighting world champion, an actor, a showman, a producer and a writer Oleg Taktarov is not afraid to set hyper complex aims and get what is desired, thus proving his nickname “Russian Bear”. Oleg is sure that everything should be done well and one has to finish what was started. Today the sportsman, whose moral values, viewpoints and desire to win appeal to InstaForex, is an active trader full of intentions to conquer the currency market.

A prize winner of a challenging rally – marathon Dakar, the Central European Rally and Silk Way Rally, Ales Loprais is a pilot of InstaForex Loprais Team in the trucks’ class. He considers this sport as the history of his family and his life style. Ales knows well that in order to win, one has to devote oneself fully to the job you love, so that in every situation it is possible to stay strong; only being 100% into your work you can see the desired result and feel the grace of fortune.

InstaForex stars inspire us for new achievements and make us believe that we can get everything we want; we just need to put efforts tending.